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I’m Wangric, amateur hater. On the great ten-point spectrum of movie buffs, I’d say I’m a 6. I prefer plots that make sense, but, sometimes, cheap thrills suffice. If there’s an existentialist subtext, I’ll gladly ponder it at the urinal after the two hours are up. I marvel often at the immediately obvious like great acting and directing or sharp screenwriting, and I try hard to pick up details like cinematography and editing, but oftentimes the latter escape me.

I’m mostly mainstream; once in a while I’ll check out an art film to try and understand my feelings, but I don’t get too crazy about it. What I can’t stand, however, is when a movie assumes I don’t have a brain. This usually is a result of making things too obvious, like when a Hans Zimmer tuba ( roars to supplement an actor’s wide-open eyes while he shouts at the camera “I DIDN’T SEE THIS PLOT TWIST COMING!!!!!!” If a movie is about giant fighting robots, don’t insert random one-liners to try and develop character—just give me the damn robots. That said, I’d just as eagerly watch a film on the intricacies of social relations set in a world of fighting robots. The point is, I can tell the difference.

Personally I’m a sci-fi fan and an action junkie, but if you’re like me then you find entertainment in any variety of ways. Tom Hanks’ versatility and Meryl Streep’s precision can be as fun to watch as Will Ferrell’s slapstick idiocy or Dave Chappelle’s uncanny wit. I don’t necessarily have preferences, but I know when I like or dislike something and I can tell you why.

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