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KristiI love that you can walk into a movie theater alone and walk out having shared something in common with 100 strangers.  Some of my favorite movies to watch alone are American Beauty and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  These original stories completely draw me into their worlds and have me rooting for characters like they are my close friends.  Films I enjoy watching with others are Mean Girls, I Love You Man, Juno, and other funny, quotable comedies.  My absolute favorite films, however, work both ways.  For example, Silver Linings Playbook, Good Will Hunting, and Gattaca are dramatic and humorous, serious and uplifting.

Silver Linings Playbook is one of my favorite movies to date.  It incorporates literature, raises awareness about mental illness, and has one of the most entertaining dance sequences in film history.  As a dancing English major also studying neuroscience, I call this a triple threat.  Furthermore, the excellent writing, complex character relationships, and superb acting make it the epitome of the impactful creative project that I hope to one day have the opportunity to take part in.

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