Wing Fei Wong

As a Molecular Biology major and an aspiring doctor, it should come as no surprise that I gravitate toward pieces that examine science, technology and society. I love pieces that explore the possibilities of human achievement, the juxtaposition of the imperfect present and the potential future, and the celebration of the liberal use of explosions. I thoroughly enjoy a good explosion (2012 anyone?). Don’t worry: my inner pyromaniac geek is thoroughly under control.

My favorite shows run along a related theme: chasing down the facts. From BBC’s Sherlock to CBSs Criminal Minds to Fox’s House, I love a good mystery, a weird fact, and even a ridiculous deadline to find the culprit (which you know is the one thing the cast ignored for approximately 38 minutes of your 45-minute show). Similarly, I love watching PBS’s Frontline and NOVA, documentary shows that pursue the history, context, and implications of topics ranging from America’s spy system to making Viking swords.

Despite my attraction to television shows that veer toward the scientific, I prefer my movies with a flair for the visual side. From James Cameron’s Titanic to Sam Mendes’ American Beauty to Joss Whedon’s The Avengers, I love bright displays, dramatic productions, and interesting scenery. These films remind me that the real world is just as colorful and amazing as the one found in the theater, which is something often lost or forgotten about with the monotony of daily life. The inner geek in me also flocks to films that stay true to science and celebrate its potentials, including Gattaca and Gravity. Movies and television in general keep me appreciative of the world I am in and hopeful for the world to come.

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