The Secret Life of Pets—Revealed!

When I was five years old, I always wondered what my dog did when she was alone. Could she talk? Could she read? Could she use the toilet instead of relieving herself right smack in the middle of the living room rug? Oh how I hoped so—and not just because I wouldn’t have to clean up her mess.

Chris Renaud’s The Secret Life of Pets has finally come to answer these burning questions. And from the film’s teaser trailer, the audience gets a sense that pets are secretly rather creative and adorably quirky—not unlike people.

As the trailer suggests, this film, produced by Illumination Entertainment, falls into the category of a “kids’ movie.” However, unlike the Thomas the Tank Engine or Barney films of the past, modern “kids’ movies” are geared toward a wider audience. Pixar’s Toy Story franchise and Illumination Entertainment’s recent hit Minions confirm this trend. So with comedians Louis C.K., Ellie Kemper, and Kevin Hart voicing characters, it wouldn’t be surprising to see teenagers and adults throng the theaters to see this film.

Ultimately, this trailer succeeds in piquing the audience’s interest in the film and establishing common ground between the audience and the pets (I think it is a universal experience to see something you aren’t supposed to eat in the fridge, and then, like the cat and the rotisserie chicken, succumb to temptation). Additionally, although the trailer does not explain the exact plot, it really doesn’t have to. It’s fairly obvious what the plot will entail, and the trailer, as well as the film, isn’t meant to be Oscar worthy—it is simply meant to entertain a family friendly crowd…and maybe even slip in a few jokes that only the over-18s will get.

Plainly put, the kid inside me is just itching to see what these pets do next.

Opens nationwide on July 8, 2016.