The Two-Minute Smile

“What. Do. You. Call. A. Three. Humped. Camel?” We’ve all walked into the Department of Motor Vehicles, and then left some life force behind when we emerged hours later. So I must say it’s more fun to watch the suffering than to personally experience it. And I, for one, love watching animated sloths smile at stupid jokes it took way too long for them to tell.

Zootopia’s second trailer is cute; it makes you smile and laugh and leave feeling an odd mixture of pleased—for the small joy you shared with the characters—and frustrated for the two and a half minutes you did spend in even a virtual DMV. Although fun to watch, this Official Sloth Trailer gives away very little of what might actually happen in Zootopia. This might be a sign that very little will happen in the movie, but I’m inclined to give it more of a chance. After all, one of the trailers for Frozen, created by the same team as Zootopia, only shows Olaf and Sven comically racing to recover Olaf’s carrot nose from an icy pond. So as much as I dread the DMV, I’m looking forward to Zootopia in March 2016.