Independence Day: Resurgence…because one wasn’t enough

I’ll admit it; when I was younger I loved the first Independence Day movie for what it was.  A good old America hoo-ha action flick that I have watched on many Fourth of Julys.  Was it a great film? Not exactly, but it was memorable for the special effects, the one liners, and the spirit.  Twenty years from the release of the first film, there is now going to be a sequel: Resurgence.  Set in 2016 (and slated for a summer 2016 release date), this movie continues down the alternate timeline in which we were invaded by aliens in 1996.  And what a timeline that is.  The trailer shows how we adapted alien tech to empower our defenses while waiting for the second wave of alien invasion, because like anyone who has ever played Space Invaders knows, there is always another wave coming.

The trailer is filled with explosions, snark, and attractive people fighting to save the world from another alien invasion.  And that is all we really need to know about the plot.  The only aspect glaringly missing is Will Smith, who turned down the chance to reprise his role in this sequel.  While he will be missed, the extra 20 million that they saved by not casting Smith have clearly gone to special effects and has been well utilized in this visually spectacular trailer.  Will it be a good movie?  Definitely not.  But it will be exactly the type of movie you expect it to be and that is enough to make a hefty profit this summer.

Grade: F

Rating: Not Yet Rated.  But if you are older than thirteen, you have no excuse for watching.