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RebeccaZhangEvery morning as people enjoy their morning coffee with a copy of the Wall Street Journal, I welcome the day by checking into As summer ends and the country prepares for election season, I’m looking ahead to the awards season. Sometimes a culture junkie and forever a fangirl, my passion is to find a way to marry the artistic things in life with the scientific. As a junior in Princeton majoring in Operations Research and Financial Engineering, I hope to one day work in data-driven movie production and financing.

My favorite films span a variety of genres, with titles ranging from The Lord of the Rings trilogy to Dead Poets Society to Roman Holiday. I have a soft spot for 80s movies (anything John Hughes), smart action thrillers (Point Break), and heartfelt emotional dramas, but above all I love a film that can transport viewers to a better place, even on its twentieth viewing. For me, these are the ultimate qualifications of a movie – the ability to impart a rare or otherworldly feeling, and the ability to be re-watched over and over again. In between frequent trips to the movie theater, I nurse an addiction to television shows, particularly Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Downton Abbey, Sherlock, and Community. Old favorites like I Love Lucy, Saved by the Bell, and That 70s Show are my comfort food. Sometimes I can be found practicing at the piano, reading classic American novels, or at the courts attempting to play tennis, but more often I’ll be sitting in front of a movie, television, or laptop screen with all my attention focused on Kevin Spacey – and don’t you dare interrupt.

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